Not all kittens need rescuing! Mother cats have a habit of leaving their kittens in unlikely places such as drainpipes, plant pots, old kids paddling pools etc. The mother is usually not far away. Unless the kittens are clearly ill they are best left where they are and monitored from a distance to ensure the mother returns.

Kittens are great survivors. We recently had a case of a number of members mobilizing to rescue a kitten that had adopted a tourist at a hotel, only to find out that the kitten belonged to one of the staff!

However, sadly there are many cats and kittens in Chiang Mai that urgently need help. Alone, abandoned or sick kittens.

A sick or injured cat or kitten should receive medical attention as soon as possible. The climate in Thailand means that a sick animal can die of dehydration very quickly!

If you find one or more very tiny kittens, the chances are that the mother is not far away. Unless the kitten is at very serious risk, please leave them where they are and keep checking to ensure the mother returns.

If there is no sign of the mother, the babies will require taking into care and we at Adopt Meow would do our best to help.

Kittens that show obvious signs of needing help!

Most of the kittens that have been found are doing their best to survive after becoming separated from their mother. Typically they are 4 weeks old or more and are weaned. We suggest that the kitten is taken immediately to a vet for a basic health check. This should involve a check for any signs of illness or fever, de-worming, flea treatment and if the vet will do it, first vaccination.

Vets in Chiang Mai

There are many vets in Chiang Mai. Below we list some that our members recommend:

  • Chiang Mai Mae Rim Animal Hospital
    053 220 478  (24 hours, especially recommended for bone injury; Dr. Tao)
  • Changnoi Animal Clinic
    083 948 (especially recommended for eye problems see Dr. Pop)
  • Pet Village, 053 444
  • TONYANG Animal Clinic, 053 141
  • Donkaew Vet Clinic, 097 957 2519 Dr. Meen. Especially good price for sterilizations
  • Ohayo Pet Hospital, 098 280
  • Small Animal Hospital CMU, Canal Road
  • Tungjai Pet Clinic, 053 284
  • Ban Mha Ka Maew Animal Hospital 
  • Mee Chock Bet clinic, 053 852 415
  • Chiangmai Animal Hospital, 063 128 050
  • Metta Animal Hospital, Chiang Mai Land, 086 489 1407
  • Dr. Koy Animal Clinic, Doi Sakhet 061 370
  • Fah Sai Animal Hospital (near Central Festival) 053 014 216

What to do if you find an adult cat

If you find an adult cat who is not in obvious need of immediate medical attention and does not wear a collar – then you might want to consider helping the cat community by taking it to a vets to get it sterilized, before releasing it again. This is commonly known as trap, neuter, release (TNR).

We have created an article all about trapping, neutering and returning stray cats or feral cats which you can read here.

Next steps

Once you have consulted a vet, you need to decide if it is possible for you to take care of the cat or kitten. This could be short-term while you are trying to find a permanent home for it. Our rescue center doesn’t always have the capacity to take on new kittens – and relies heavily on foster carers to ensure kittens get the support they need.

By all means, contact us directly if you have found a kitten in need. We will always do our very best to help, and we can discuss the best options with you and provide advice, or seek sponsorship on our Facebook page.

There are also Facebook pages such as Chiang Mai Pets for Adoption and Give Away, Chiang Mai Animal Lovers and Chiang Mai Pets Community where you can advertise for a home if you’re able to socialize the kitten and provide it with a temporary home yourself.

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