Success stories

Since starting in early 2017, we have successfully rehomed hundreds of cats and kittens. Not only that, we’ve rescued and sterilized many more cats as part of our TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program.

Here’s just some of the amazing success stories of cats that have been rescued, fostered and adopted via Adopt Meow!


“We adopted 2 wonderful lovely kittens from Adopt Meow a few months ago and we couldn’t be any happier. The two kittens were from a very loving home of their previous foster mom and dad, healthy and super friendly. This group of rescuers are truly a cat angels. They have done everything they can to improve the lives of many stray cats and we are so grateful for that.

After a few months of having the two kittens in our life, we (especially our 5-year-old daughter) can’t imagine the home without cats anymore. Their soft fur, their sweet Meow, their gentle rub are just so addictive. Like our friend once said “opening your home to a cat is opening your heart to love” and yes, he was absolutely right.”

 – Jenny Wannachai

“Adopt-Meow is a fantastic program I’ve had the pleasure of working with for some months now. I am a foster carer and have taken in 3 kittens so far who, have been an absolute joy.

Some of them have needed special care and recovery time, and I was provided with everything I need, and more, to take care of these babies.

The program provides 24 hour support, vet visits, in-home care and vaccinations as well as good advice and a strong community of other foster carers. They have been such an inspiring group of people to work with.

They are dedicated to the best quality of life for every animal they find, and go above and beyond to care for kittens and adults who have been left behind, in danger, or just need a little love. They are making the world a better place.”

– Julia Atkins

“I was born in Belgium but have lived in Thailand for more than 30 years. I have always had dogs and cats since my childhood.

After almost one year of mourning the loss of my cat Miou Miou, I decided to take a new kitten as a companion for our family which is when I found Adopt Meow.

I adopted “Quest” a white and cinnamon male and to donate some money for vaccination of newly rescued kittens.

Quest became the new friend of my dog “Peak” but my older cat was not so playful so I decided to contribute to the adoption of another male kitten called “Logan” and make another donation to help this very professional association of real cats’ lovers.

A true and wonderful story that brought perfect harmony between cats and dogs at home thanks to Adopt Meow, Liz, Jordan, Leanne, and all other volunteers fighting to give those kittens a second chance!”

– Phillippe Van Laethem

“One of my jobs is being a  taxi driver around Chiang Mai city.

While I am driving I found many stray cats which I want to help but can’t so I searched on social media to look for the organization which helps the street animals. I found many but they denied to help me except Adopt Meow.

I sent a message and Liz said she needed a location and will try her best to help the kittens and then invited me to the Rescue Center. This woman has such a big and warm heart. She is so sweet to help the stray cats. That’s my first impression and after that, I try to help as much as I can. For example, I take the cats to the vet, to their foster homes, and pick up kittens or stray cats and bring them to Liz.

One thing that makes me so proud is my son, Khunkao, he is the truly cat lover, every year he uses his birthday money to donate to Adopt Meow towards kitten and cat care.”

– Joey Sutt

When I came to Chiang Mai 8 months ago, I knew I wanted to foster. I was lucky enough to find Adopt Meow and 20 kittens later, I couldn’t be happier!

Liz and her team do an amazing job. They are helpful and accommodating to make sure that both the kittens and the caregivers get the most from this experience by carefully matching the right kitten to the right caregiver, helping with transport, and always being available for any questions or concerns.

It feels great to have helped so many kittens that would have otherwise been in life threatening situations facing lack of food, dangerous soi dogs, and excessive heat. Sure it can be hard to say goodbye, but knowing that through Adopt Meow, I helped them make a smooth transition into their forever homes is awesome. And selfishly, who doesn’t love having an endless supply of kittens?

– Sandi Field