Trap, Neuter, Release Program

Alongside rescuing and rehoming kittens, we devote time and resources to our Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program.

The goal of our TNR program is to sterilize street cats in order to increase their health, improve their lifespan and reduce the number of unwanted street kittens.

Our team are dedicated this cause, and work tirelessly with locals, expats and people within the Adopt Meow community to trap street cats. Here’s how the sterilisation process works:

Benefits of sterilization

There are countless numbers of cats living in and around Chiang Mai. Many are homeless, competing with the stray dogs for food; scavenged from local residents, storekeepers and visitors. Some live in the temples around Chiang Mai whilst others are fortunate enough to have a home.

We have met many kind Thai people who do their best to help the stray cats with very limited resources. For the average Thai person, it is simply too expensive to get a cat sterilized. Females cost 1000 baht or more and males 500 baht or more.

Females can start breeding as early as 4 months old and produce two or three litters a year. Most of these kittens won’t survive. Repeated pregnancies take a toll on the health of the female cat.

Unneutered males suffer from wounds sustained from competing for the females and are more susceptible to disease.

Some cat owners use a contraceptive injection to try to limit unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, this can lead to severe problems such as pyometra which, if untreated, can lead to a nasty, painful death.

This is why sterilization of both homed and stray street cats is very important.

Get involved

Our TNR program relies solely on donations from our community, and the help of cat lovers across Chiang Mai. We use your donations to buy humane cat traps as well as to pay for vets bills for neutering street cats that are captured. We also cover our own expenses and rely on volunteers for transporting cats between various locations and the vets clinic to be neutered.

Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to trap, neuter and release hundreds of street cats in Chiang Mai.

  • In 2019 we trapped and neutered more than 160 cats
  • So far in 2020, we’ve already neutered 80 street cats and counting

This means that we’ve been able to prevent thousands of unwanted kittens from being born with a poor chance of survival and improve the lives of street cats.


“I discovered a pregnant female cat near my house, and quickly realised she was the matriarch of a colony of more than 6 cats who were surviving on handouts from a local hotel.

I contacted Liz at Adopt Meow who helped me to capture and neuter every single cat in the colony (4 males and 2 females). Not only that, Liz helped me with resources to foster the kittens of the pregnant cat, and through Adopt Meow we were able to get all of the kittens vaccinated and adopted.

Without the help of Adopt Meow, the cats near my house would still be having more kittens today. Thanks to Liz, they’re now all much happier and healthier.

This is just ONE example of a successful TNR project that is supported by Adopt Meow. This is very important work, and thanks to Liz and the team, cat lovers across the city are able to catch and help street cats every week!”

– Kym O’Nolan