Your donation and sponsorship makes a huge difference in the lives of these cats and the cat communities around Chiang Mai.

You can also deposit into Bangkok Bank account 531-O-899O3-3

Every bit counts. The rescue center is completely dependant on donations to stay running. 100% of the donations received go towards the cats. Members, locals, and expats pay out of their own pocket for travel costs and other admin fees. If you have a Thai bank account, we highly suggest using that instead of Paypal to avoid deductions on the donations.

Your 500 baht donation will help us pay for…

  • One session of fluid therapy, deworming and eye drops for a sick and dehydrated kitten
  • Three sessions with a nebulizer for a cat or kitten having breathing difficulties
  • X-rays and anti-inflammatory medication for a cat experiencing difficulties walking (580 baht)
  • 2 tubes of Fer-MACC Gel, which is an essential blood supplement for felines with anemia (550 baht)
  • A large cardboard scratching toy
  • 48 sachets of Whiskas Junior wet food (672 baht)
  • 10 kg of uncooked fresh chicken (570 baht)
  • Vaccination against Panleukopenia by a vet (500 baht)
  • Sterilization of one male cat
  • Two Advocate flea treatments (470 baht)
  • 15 Drontal deworm tablets for adult cats (525 baht)
  • One FIV and Leukemia test (500 baht)
  • One Panleukopenia and Corona Virus test (400 baht).

Your donation of 1000 baht will help us buy one of the following:

      • 26 tins of adult cat food (enough for about 5 days)
      • Combined vaccination injections at a vet for four kittens or cats
      • Sterilization of one adult female
      • 4 tubes of Vibravet antibiotic paste for treatment of blood parasites (1060 baht)
      • 10×1.1kg bags of Friskies Kitten dried food (about a month’s supply)
      • 19 kilo bag of Friskies Seafood dry food for adult cats
      • 14 kilos of Me-O adult dried food (1190 baht)
      • Pet Mesh anti-mosquito netting 10m roll.

Your donation of 2000 baht will help us buy

        • 2 large secure cages for kittens
        • 3 or 4 carriers for transporting cats to and from the vets
        • Pay one weeks wages for our Monday to Friday cattery assistant
        • Buy enough cat litter for about 5 days.
        • Print around 100 A4 posters advertising Kitten Rescue and Adoption kittens for adoption to display in vets and pet shops.
        • A kitten activity center
        • Vaccinate 8 cats against Panleukopenia and other diseases
        • Two bottles of Leucoplus providing about 20 injections for the treatment of Panleukopenia and Corona Virus.
        • Test four cats for Leukemia and FIV

Fabulous Feline Friends

Adopt Meow desperately needs cat loving individuals who will partner with us to make a regular difference in the lives of cats.  With over 60 cats typically in our care, major medical emergencies, and regular feral cat sterilization trips we need to have consistent partners to keep it going. The Adopt Meow team is all volunteers and the shelter space is provided. 100% of all your donations go toward the cats in this community.

5,000 ฿ per month


Our Adopt Meow team believes that every cat or kitten deserves a second chance and someone willing to fight for them.  We often come upon cats who have had accidents need surgeries or have other major medical needs.  We feel every cat deserves this chance.  As these costs come above and beyond our standard costs above, we need your help. Will you help with a donation of 5000 – 8000 baht to give a cat a second chance?

You can also deposit into Bangkok Bank account 531-O-899O3-3

Last week I was at the CMMR Animal hospital with kittens Poppy and Hilton for their regular laser therapy. A Thai lady who I know brought in a kitten which had been attacked by a dog at Wat Vivek. We decided to call the kitten Chou. From the x-rays it was clear that she was another case of luxation (basically a dislocation of the pelvic bones). At the time she was dragging both hind legs but still had feeling in both of them. Chou has been at my home for observation and quarantine and we now know she is able to pee and poo on her own, is healthy and very friendly. Dr Tao carried out surgery on Tuesday to insert a screw to straighten and stabilize the pelvis. Given time, she should make a full recovery. The cost of the surgery and aftercare will be about 6,000 baht.

HILTON – It seems to be that every time Liz and Linda try to have a relaxing lunch together, someone calls about a kitten in distress. This particular time (22nd June), a French couple, on holiday, had spied two ginger kittens in the middle of the very busy road off Tha Phae Gate. They immediately stopped the traffic and picked them up. They could see that one of them was badly injured, caused by being knocked over by a car or bike, so found public transport to take them to the nearest vet. They were dropped off at CMU Small Animal Hospital. After the vet had examined and given Hilton an X-ray, it was thought that she had broken one of her back legs. Her sister, Paris was frightened but unhurt. This was when they found the number for Kitten Rescue and called us to ask if we could help. We then arranged to pick up the two kittens, from them, outside Maya in Niman. After, which, we drove straight to Chiang Mai Mae Rim Animal Hospital. We were lucky to see Dr. Tao again, and he examined Hilton and gave her another X-ray, so he could see more clearly, what the actual damage was. The X-ray showed she had Luxation of the pelvic bones (dislocation), and one of her femoral heads was fractured. Dr. Tao then booked her in for surgery, to have the femoral head removed. She had the surgery on the 3rd July, which was successful and Hilton seemed to be managing to walk quite well. After a couple of weeks of regular Laser Therapy to, initially close the wound and then to aid healing of the bone, we could see that, although she was walking now, it was a bit lopsided and she seemed to be struggling a bit. Dr. Tao explained that the first surgery had dealt with the fracture, but the pelvis was still not straight. So the beginning of Aug, we took her in for her second surgery, which would remove the other femoral head. Now, a couple of months later, thanks to our wonderful Veterinary Surgeon, Dr. Tao, Hilton has a happy future. She is no longer in pain and is walking around, not fazed at all, with just a limp. The cost of everything, including X-rays, Laser Therapy and two surgeries, totalled 10,455 Baht

Your donation and sponsorship makes a huge difference in the lives of these cats and the cat communities around Chiang Mai.

You can also deposit into Bangkok Bank account 531-O-899O3-3