The rescue center is completely dependent on donations to stay running. 100% of the donations received go towards the cats. If you have a Thai bank account, we highly suggest using that instead of Paypal to avoid deductions on the donations.

Deposit into Thai bank account:

Your donation of 500 baht will help buy one of the following…


  • Sterilize 1 male cat
  • Flea treatment for 2 kittens
  • Combo vaccinations for 2 cats
  • One Panleukopenia test
  • One FIV or Leukemia test
  • 48 packs of wet kitten food

Your donation of 1,000 baht will help buy one of the following…


  • Sterilize 1 female cat
  • Vaccinations for 4 cats or kittens
  • 2 FIV or Leukemia tests
  • 4 tubes of Vibravet antibiotic
  • 19 kilos of dried cat food
  • 26 tins of wet cat food


Your donation of 2,000 baht will help us buy one of the following…


  • Sterilize 2 females or 4 males
  • Combo vaccinations for 4 cats
  • 4 small cat carriers
  • Treat fleas for 8 cats
  • Test 4 cats for Leukemia/FIV
  • 38 kilos of dry cat food

Thank you! Your donation and sponsorship makes a huge difference to the lives of the cats and kittens around Chiang Mai.

Thai Bank account number: