The rescue center is completely dependent on donations to stay running. 100% of the donations received go towards the cats. If you have a Thai bank account, we highly suggest using that instead of Paypal to avoid deductions on the donations.

Deposit directly into our Thai bank account (every baht goes directly to the cats).

Drop us a message on Facebook so that we can thank you personally!

K Bank
Elizabeth Purdue
Account Number:

“Donate via the link, or search for our profile @adoptmeowcm in the PayPal app (payments are made to “Leanne Holloway” in AUD)

Don’t forget to mark your donation as friends and family.

Thank you! Your donation and sponsorship makes a huge difference to the lives of the cats and kittens around Chiang Mai.


Thai Bank account number: 457-2-47588-9

PayPal: @adoptmeowcm