Sooty was a bit of an underdog at the centre, often opting to avoid the crowd of cats surrounding the visitor and settling for being close by.

He can be quite shy at first, as many cats are when they first meet someone new.  It doesn’t take long for him to get comfortable.

He is an affectionate cat, which became much more apparent when in foster care. Being surrounded by attention-seeking cats at the centre, Sooty’s needs were not met. He loves to be loved! Now we know that, we can’t send him back to the centre where he will not get the attention he deserves.

He loves to play but is mainly a pretty chill cat. He lazes around for much of the day but is still fairly young (just over 2 years) so his playful tendencies will come out from time to time.

He has recently gone into foster care with another cat. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out. Little did we know, Sooty saw himself as quite the leader. Without BIG personalities like Sox and Coke, Sooty showed dominance and upset the other cat member of the household!

We love looking at the way Sooty sleeps! Really shows his character. Take a look below!

Sooty has been around other cats all his life, so we wouldn’t mind putting him in a household with other pets. However, he is probably best placed where he can get all the love and attention he needs, which is in a no-cat household.

If interested in Sooty, please send us a message.