Adopt Me!


Mayfair is one of the only friendly black cats we have left at the centre.

This handsome guy was born in August 2018. Although he is totally black, his Mum was a part Siamese. This probably explains Mayfair’s fine features. 

He is a medium-sized cat with a very long straight tail.

He can be a little reserved when he first meets you. This is normal in cats. Once he gets to know you, he is very affectionate.  He hasn’t got an aggressive bone in his body and is more submissive than dominant. He gets on well with other cats.

He likes to go outside in the daytime but settles down happily in the house for the night. He loves fish and cuddles!

Mayfair would suit a family with a garden so that, once ready, he can continue having the freedom to go outside.

Mayfair is still at the centre and there are still a lot of cats taking up all the attention! We hope Mayfair finds a home soon!

Drop us a message if you’re interested.