Adopt Me!

She has become very playful and loves to run around the room with her brother. She can be shy around people, but if you saw her a few weeks ago, you’d understand how far she has come and the potential she has to be a loving family cat if adopted into the right hands.

She has started her vaccination program and has been treated for fleas and worms.

If you would like to meet Jitterbug, contact us. Our cats and kittens are free to good homes. However, we rely solely on donations to continue our work, so appreciate a contribution to our funds. If you would like to know more about our rescue and sterilization work, please join Kitten Rescue and Adoption Chiang Mai on Facebook.

This lovely girl is Jitterbug. She is smaller than her brother Twist, but we think they are another pair of April 2019 babies. The mother and kittens were being fed by the elderly mother of one of our Thai members who kindly arranged to catch and sterilize the mother cat. When the kittens came to the Rescue Centre, they were close to feral with a real fear of people. We worked with them and then they were cared for by a level lady called Colleen.

Being in a loving foster home gave them a taste of what life could be like with a family. They have become more trusting and friendly and have learned how to play around humans and with other kittens. They have also learned to use a litter tray without spreading the litter all over the floor. Jitterbug had a home to go to, but that unfortunately fell through because of no fault of her own.