Nana And Aisling

Adopt Me!

 Nana and her daughter Aisling are looking for a very special home. Mum, a beautiful blue tortoiseshell, was a street cat in Chiang Mai city. She had had several litters of
kittens. Kitten Rescue and Adoption Chiang Mai took care of her at the Mae Rim Rescue Centre during her last
pregnancy. Most of those kittens have now been adopted.
She is a very pretty, petite cat with a gentle, affectionate nature. Aisling, her daughter, was born March 3rd. She is almost identical to her mother in appearance but is
very shy and nervous of people. She is also extremely attached to Nana and became very distressed
when they were separated. 

We are looking for a permanent home where these two can stay together; preferably without other pets. Given time and patient, understanding care, we believe that Aisling will gain confidence and reward you with trust and affection.
Nana was recently sterilized. She tested negative for Leukemia/FIV and has started her vaccination
program. (Aisling has been vaccinated/tested for xxx)
If you are interested in this beautiful pair, please message us at Adopt Me-ow Chiang Mai or contact
us through our website.