Jinx gets on well with other cats and dogs but is also fine alone. He likes to poke his nose outside the door but is basically an indoor cat. Jinx is currently at the center in Mae Rim and is ready for a home now. He has been neutered and is vaccinated.

If you are interested in Jinx, please message us at Adopt Me-ow Chiang Mai or contact us through the website.

Can you give Jinx a forever home?

Jinx is a smart dressed young tuxedo male born in a poor rural area in November 2018. Jinx has transformed from a scared, skinny little kitten to a healthy, friendly and affectionate young man. Although he enjoys cuddles and attention, he is fine with doing his own thing and being independent. He will let you know when he wants attention!

According to Josh, who fostered him for a short while, Jinx has a very nuanced and deep personality. Josh also said “ He’s very loving, intelligent, funny and super easy to keep. He’s a cat made for cuddly people!