This adult female is a very pretty honey ginger colour. She is maybe 3-5 years old. She had had at least two litters of kittens before she came to us from a care centre where a resident had started feeding her and her kittens. Pregnant again, she nearly died giving birth and it took some time in intensive care to pull her through. She is now sterilized and taking things easy. We think she has probably had a rather tough life as she has lost the sight in one eye and is FIV positive ( negative for Leukemia and has been given her combined vaccine shots). Despite that, she is now healthy and happy. She is also very affectionate but not demanding. An armchair cat; she is happy to curl up in the sun and sleep the day away. She would make a wonderful companion cat for an older person – she is looking for a quiet space to pass her remaining years. She seems quite content to stay indoors.