Adopt Me!
This is a feline with cattitude! She will be best in a household without dogs or other cats. She is very territorial so she will certainly protect your home and garden from other feline invaders. Sabina has been friendly with the children that she has encountered here and she likes to be petted and will welcome a certain amount of cuddles before insisting on being put down.  This is an independent cat who would prefer to be out during the day and in at night. Ideal if you are working away from home.

Sabina came to us from Wat Vivek near Mae Jo a few months ago. At the time she was in poor condition and had major respiratory problems. A better environment, good food, and treatment by Dr.Nook have brought about a complete change. She is a very attractive lady. We don’t know how old she is but she is now in good health, likes to run around and play with toys. She is fully vaccinated and has been sterilized.